As the cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria and as more organizations, individuals, families and human groups become mandated to implementing social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine, Women at Risk International (WARIF) has become more concerned about the effects these may have on survivors of gender based violence.

WARIF launched the Covid-19 Volunteer response program, birthed out of the need to sensitize, and raise on covid-19 and its effect on women and girls quarantined with their abusers in different communities and how they can get help. The initiative addressed the high incidence of rape and sexual violence in more rural areas across Lagos State. The volunteers were selected and trained from different LGAs to help sensitize women and girls in their communities by enlightening them on WARIF’s services and also collate information on the frequency of gender based violence in the community, stating how survivors can get help.

The Covid-19 Volunteer response pilot commenced in July 2020 and was implemented in 5 selected LGAs across Lagos State. A total number of 63 volunteers were selected with 5 group team leads representing each LGA and we reached over 10,000 individuals through this pilot outreach.

We are in this together.