We are pleased to announce a 3-month partnership with Legit Charity aimed at making a difference in the lives of 100 survivors of rape and sexual violence.

The WARIF Rape Crisis Centre has impacted the lives of over 3000 survivors of rape and sexual violence since its inception. Thanks to donors and partners who support this cause, these services are provided to the survivors free of charge!

In its bid to ensure that the WARIF Centre continues to enable survivors to lead resilient lives, Legit Charity through its Patreon program has committed to donating the proceeds from a 3-month fundraising drive to the WARIF Centre. During the cause of the partnership, a beam would be shone on the activities carried out at the WARIF Centre and survivor stories highlighting the importance of the work done at the centre would also be shared.


The funds raised would enable 100 women and girls to get the adequate medical and psychosocial care they need to lead normal lives after the unfortunate incidences of rape and sexual violence that they have experienced.

By giving a little, you will help out a lot!

Donate to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse via the Legit Charity Patreon.