Frequently asked questions

What are the services offered at the WARIF Centre?

At the WARIF Centre we have professional Doctors, Nurses/Midwives, Counselors and Medical Laboratory Scientists who offer the following support and services to survivors;
* Registration upon arrival
* Post incident interview and history taking
* Physical Examination
* Forensic Medical Examination
* Medical laboratory tests for HIV1 and 2, Pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
*Post exposure HIV prophylaxis drugs to prevent HIV and treatment of STIs
* Counselling Services – Individual or Group Therapy; Telephone sessions; Virtual Online Group Therapy or Use of Live Chat sessions.

 How many times in a week is WARIF opened?

The WARIF Centre is opened six (6) days a week from 8am – 5pm and on every public holiday.

 How do I report a rape case?  

You can report a rape case by calling our 24hour helpline on 08092100009.  You can also send us DMs via our social media handles on:

Instagram: @warif_ng,

Twitter: @WARIF_NG,

Facebook: @WARIFNG

 Where is your centre located and do you have any other centre in Nigeria?

Our centre is located at No, 6 Turton Street, off Thorburn Avenue Yaba, Lagos. We do not have any other centre outside Lagos. If you live outside Lagos, you can report a case at the SARC (Sexual Assault referral Centre) close to you.

 Does WARIF see survivors of domestic violence?

Yes we do, although WARIF is an NGO that helps survivors of rape and sexual assault, however  when we receive cases of domestic violence, we register these cases, counsel the survivors and refer to the domestic and sexual violence response team (DSVRT) of the Lagos State Government for further investigation.

 Does WARIF offer shelter and legal aid services?

Yes we offer shelter and Legal Aid to survivors that are in need or request for these services.

 How can I be a part of this organization?

You can be a part of the organization by volunteering. Please fill out the form on our website