The EU/UN Spotlight Initiative in partnership with WARIF Virtual Classroom sessions on the Prevention of Campus Sexual Violence.

The EU-UN Spotlight Initiative: initiated by the European Union and the United Nations is a programme focused on eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls in Nigeria. The Prevention of Campus Sexual Violence is a project implemented by Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF) sponsored by the Spotlight Initiative. The project will be based in tertiary institutions within Nigeria to address and tackle student related concerns with sexual and gender-based violence on their respective campuses.

This project is aimed at increasing the awareness of sexual and gender based violence in tertiary institutions and reduce its prevalence by promoting the adoption of polices and strategies or assisting in the strengthening of these policies where they already exist to prevent these acts of violence on campuses in select tertiary institutions in Lagos. Digital and physical safe spaces will also be advocated for and implemented in institutions where possible.

The project will educate students on national laws and policies, and school policies related to gender-based violence. This will enable the beneficiaries to remain committed to supporting the government and people of Nigeria to end sexual harassment in tertiary education institutions across the country.

Applicants who complete the virtual education classroom programme would receive certificate of completion and stand the chance to be invited for the Lagos regional symposium on ending gender violence related issues.

Let’s end Campus Sexual Violence together!

Support Services At WARIF

Clinical & Forensic Medical Services

Full medical and forensic medical examinations and treatment are carried out. Laboratory tests such as HIV tests and other sexually transmitted diseases also offered.Accutane is a systemic retinoid. This group of drugs increases skin regeneration and inhibits sebum production. affects genitourinary, nervous, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal systems.

Psychological Support

Counselling and Therapy Services: Both Individual and group sessions are available to offer emotional support, crisis counselling and long-term therapy as a healing modality for survivors and integrating them successfully back into society. Social workers at the centre are trained by the Washington DC Rape Crisis Centre in partnership with WARIF.

24 hour Crisis Helpline

Provide telephone support services as a first point of contact to survivors of rape and sexual violence. This service is available to those who want the anonymity of calling; or who cannot reach the centre.

Social Welfare Services

Collaborative links with government and non-government organisations have been set up to assist with efficient referrals to related agencies for social welfare assistance such as shelters/halfway homes for accommodation and vocational skills centres for skills development and financial empowerment.

Legal Support/ Legal Aid

Legal advocacy and court accompaniment referrals by law firms and legal organisations