We are excited to announce our recent partnership with MAC Viva Glam!

Mac Viva Glam is supporting WARIF to help raise awareness to Gender based Violence during the pandemic, through the “WARIF COVID-19 Response in Rural Communities” Initiative.

Our aim is to sensitize individuals and households in rural communities across the country and assist women and girls in these communities who may be trapped at home with their abusers.

This will be implemented through door to door visits by community gatekeepers known as traditional birth attendants; they will also provide information on the free services such as immediate medical care, forensic examinations, psycho-social counselling, legal aid, access to shelters and vocational skills training, offered at the WARIF Rape Crisis Centre.

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We are very grateful to MAC Viva Glam for the support; this will have a great impact in reducing the rate of rape and sexual violence in our rural communities.