Because we have accepted to hide the abuse we suffer, because we have decided to be silent through the hurt. Because we don’t speak loud enough or often enough. Because of the fear, the tears and the stares. But no more!

It is time to HEAR ME TOO, it is our time to stand up and fight against any abuse or violation of any girl, woman or child. We will no longer sit still and be silent.
We will honour ourselves by standing up and speaking as we take back our power.
The time is now! It is time for change!

Share our stories, repost, tag someone and join us in the #orangetheworldwithWARIF campaign as we participate in the #16DaysOfActivism against Gender Based Violence.

WARIF Centre: 6, Turton Street, Off Thorburn Avenue, Yaba, Lagos.
WARIF Confidential Helpline: 08092100009

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